Weaving Storage Basket for Kitchen

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  • Material: Wicker
  • Size: 24x14x10cm or 26x16x10cm
  • Natural woven products not only have a storage function, but also let you feel the natural scent, natural and rustic style, show natural fresh air, integrate natural charm into family life, natural coloring will add a sense of natural to any room in your home, look Put the messy things that are bothersome and difficult to place into a variety of woven storage devices and free up space.
  • The natural atmosphere of the baskets is exuding, the content can be scattered dolls, maybe changing the sheets of clothing, putting a delicate peony or simply decorating as a flower, it is also an inspiring choice, temporarily changing clothes, spare shoes Can be used to keep the tidy premise, no need to sort out the mess, not only can emit moisture and odor, but also let you see what you need at a glance.
  • Without any processing, pure hand-woven is the most environmentally friendly and healthy. In addition to storing debris, this most natural product can also store food.