Bulb string lights

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✔ Indoor & Outdoor: This waterproof string light is not only suitable for the iside of your house but for a patio, a balcony or even your garden. You can use it without any problems even during raining or snowing seasons.
✔Additional light source: There could never be too many light sources in your house! Try using the string lights to illuminate dark corners, walls and ceiling. It's also a great solution for attics or basements lights, where installing a lamp could be too difficult.
✔ Unique decoration piece: The string light could also serve as a great decoration piece for your home design: it works beautifully with bohemian, rustic and vintage styles. It provides an opportunity to fill an empty space and to make your room look more elegant by adding a finishing touch to your house decor.
✔ Application Scope: You can use this string light inside or outside your house in any room you want: bedroom, living room, bathroom, balcony or patio. It can also serve as an additional decoration during Cristmas season or other holydays.

Lighting Distance: 1-5m
Color: Warm White
Head Number: 20-50 head
Features: waterproof G40 E12 bulus