Lavender Hanging Wreath

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✔Fine Craftsmanship: This artificial lavender wreath is very lifelike which makes it a perfect home decor piece for spring or summer.

✔Widely Applicable: This decorative wreath is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Hang it above your window, place it on your front door, or on a living room wall.
✔Atmosphere Creating: The artificial wreath with its simple elegant coloring and vivid natural form sets a fresh artistic atmosphere in any room regardless of the season.


✔ Unique decoration piece: The lavender provides an opportunity to fill an empty space and to make your room look more elegant by adding a finishing touch to your house decor. Complements bohemian, rustic and vintage styles very well.


Reusable and Practical: Don't worry about bad weather. This wreath makes it easy to navigate external elements, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. If you are looking for a special, attractive decoration to revamp your front door seasonal décor without having to buy a new wreath each season, this is the wreath for you.


Material: plastic
Size: 40 cm (16inch)