Expanding Organizer for Pans and Dishes

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Expanding Organizer for Pans and Dishes

Adaptable Storage and Organizing Solution -It is designed to help you reclaim your most valuable kitchen storage space while at the same time keeping everything neatly arranged including your food storage containers, mixing bowls, cookware, serve ware, pots, pans, lids, utensils and more.

Fully Adjustable - Unlike many organizer trays that are confined to a single pre-determined configuration, this organizer gives you the ability to adjust based on your changing storage and organizational needs.
Quick Drain - Comes with multiple holes spaced evenly to easily drain any dripping water, well ventilation, make sure better and more hygienic kitchen storage.

Versatile Organizer - It is the ideal kitchen drawer organizer tray and also works equally well inside cupboards, cabinets, or even on a shelf. This makes it a must-have for your kitchen if you want to declutter your most vital storage areas and keep items of all shapes and sizes in their proper place.

Easy Set Up - The organizer sets up in a matter of seconds and the non-slip base helps ensure it stays in place wherever you need it most. Just position the included pegs (set includes 12 pegs) on the pegboard tray to fit the items you're trying to keep organized.

The partition can be expanded and contracted according to needs

Name: Expanding Organizer for Pans and Dishes
Material: ABS
Size: 54*15*10cm

Package includes:
Dish rack*1