8pcs Travel bottles Set

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Refillable Bottles

- Perfect for business or single travel, camping, hiking, picnic, fun outdoors, gym shower, cruises, the fitness center, dorm, swimming pool, short trip and so on.
- They are very practical and convenient travel size containers for shampoo, conditioner, skincare water, cream, lotion, sunscreen, body wash, moisturizer or other toiletries. 
- Being packed with a clear waterproof toiletry bag, offers Last layer of protection to your luggage and cloths, easy solution to security check-ins, super convenient to keep your shampoos and lotions organized. 

Material: Plastic

Package included: (8pcs set)
1 x Spray bottle
2 x Emulsion bottles
3 x Cream bottles
1 x Scrape stick
1 x Water absorber
1 x plastic Bag