White Jars Pantry Labels

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  • CURSIVE SCRIPT SPICE LABELS. White Sticker Set, names on clear sticker. 6 or 10 namer (tell us which ones).
  • Create your own personalized pantry collection! We have 16 fonts for you (see the pictures).
  • When you create an order please send us the personalized names by below format.


    Font 11, maximum length 10cm


    Garlice, etc.

    If you have special request for height of the names, please let us know.

    Size will vary depending on length of Names/Font you selected. 

    Maximum length means the maximum length of one name is 10cm,  other names will less than 10cm for the length of different names will not be the same.

  • Clear PVC material with large cursive script white lettering. Back adhesive. Cursive script font style. All stickers have the same letter size for consistency. Length of each label depends on the number of letters each name has.
  • Perfect fit for 4oz square glass spice jars, round spice tins, for spice racks, pull outs, spice drawers or others spice storage systems.