Bunny Tail Pampas Grass

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 Unique decoration piece: A vase full of dried bunny tail flowers can be the perfect finishing touch on a shelf or to fill an empty space. The stiff stalks add height to an arrangement, and the soft tops add a wispy and whimsical finish. 


✔Easy to maintain: Unlike fresh flowers you don't have to water the stalks (which is a major bonus for forgetful plant parents), and they can last up to three years. Dried bunny tail flowers are also a centerpiece solution after the fresh cut flowers from your garden start to fade in fall and winter. 


 Application Scope: A vase of dried bunny tail flowers will go greatly with Bohemian, Vintage and Rustic decors. It is also a grat idea to make a bouquet by adding other types of dried flowers or grass. You can place it any room in your house you want to decorate, adding a natural element to your home.


(decor ideas inspired by: pampas grass is the natural home accenst you're seeing everywhere, Better homes and gardens, 14.07.2020 URL:https://www.bhg.com/gardening/gardening-trends/dried-pampas-grass-decor/)

Quantity: 15-20pcs
Length: 38-50cm


In the process of transportation, dried grass is inevitably squeezed and deformed after receiving the goods, it will look good after a short time in the sun or the hot air of the hair dryer