Adjustable Shoe Slots Organizer

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Product: Adjustable shoe holder

Material: PP

Size: 20 * 10 * 7cm

Color: orange, gray


1. Double layer shoe holder, both upper and lower layers can be used to place shoes.

2. With adjustable gear buckles, various shoe types such as sneakers, cricket shoes, high-heeled shoes, and slippers can be placed.

There are four gears, one with a height of 5cm, used for slippers; The second gear is 7cm high and used for canvas shoes; The third gear is 11cm high, suitable for leather shoes; The fourth gear is 15cm high, suitable for high-heeled shoes and high-top canvas shoes.

4. Convenient storage. After use, it can save 50% of the space in the shoe cabinet, making full use of space to place shoes, which is simple and generous.

Package includes:

Adjustable shoe holder * 1pc

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